The Shaked Brothers: Founders of 888

Avi and Aaron Shaked, two Israeli brothers, have made a significant contribution to the

They entered the wagering industry by establishing 888 Holdings. After many years

Due to their diligence and innovative ideas, they were able to establish one of the first

prosperous online casinos. Their work has permanently altered the criteria for

Web-based casinos.

To gain insight into Avi and Aaron Shaked’s involvement with 888

Please continue reading this distinctive biography, Holdings. We assure you will

Learn something you were previously unaware of.

The Shaked Brothers: Beginnings

Avi and Aaron Shaked were both born in the 1960s in Netanya, Israel.

They were born into a middle-class family that was always generous.

them the necessary affection and support. Two years elder than Aaron was Avi.

was very protective of his younger brother and frequently defended him

bullying students at their school. Aaron admired his older sibling and was inspired by him

constantly seeking his counsel.

After completing secondary school, Avi decided to enroll at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Negev, which is located in Beersheba, Israel, to earn a chemical engineering degree.

The field of engineering. Two years later, Aaron would enroll at the same school.

pursuing a dental degree. During their time in college, Avi and Aaron grew apart.

They made their own companions, but were unable to spend as much time together.

as they had previously.

Avi spent a significant amount of his leisure time working for a telecommunications corporation, so he was employed there.

He could begin making payments on his student loans. On the other hand, Aaron

spent numerous weekends attending conferences in dentistry around the globe. Each of

Monte Carlo hosted the most significant conferences he could have attended.

Aaron was encouraged to visit the adjacent park between seminars and lectures.

casino gambling. Aaron’s first visit to a casino left him speechless; he was awestruck.

the magnificent structures, aisles of slot machines, and overwhelming number of individuals

who was present.

The Establishment of 888 Aaron’s experiences in Monte Carlo caused him to ponder The Establishment of 888.

If he were able to establish an online virtual casino. He approached his sibling.

with the concept, they began working together. They were suddenly there.

spending nearly all of their leisure time together again. They would devote at minimum

We devote 20 hours per week to this endeavor, and sometimes even more. This is a

a considerable amount of time, given that they were both still in education.

The brothers quickly realized that they knew very little about the subject.

The wagering industry, which would necessitate the development of games that provided authentic

encounter extreme difficulty. They determined that it would be to their advantage to

spend some time at the local casinos to gain a greater understanding of

Their ambiance and what it’s like to perform the games live are described.

Several years into the endeavor, it became clear that this was a much larger undertaking.

undertaking than they had initially anticipated, so they consulted with their

mutual acquaintances to join their efforts.

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